Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mothers Day



Things about Mothers Day I want to remember...

the warm sunshine

the homemade cards with oh goodness... what they wrote to me and what they cherish about me... heart swells... tucked away... saved forever...

the way scott surprised me at the playground/park with a huge bouquet of flowers

the breakfast he cooked

the planting in the afternoon

the 'mama bird' and her two baby eggs in our front yard tree

the to dos he got done

the quick sun is setting photo session with my girls

the way the day felt



Oh this little pumpkin who is days away from turning seven.  She made a dream come true seven years ago that I didn't even know I had or wanted.  And just so I remember when I wake her up for school in the morning I say, "good morning bubble gum" because her room smells like bubblegum from all that she's stored up in her closet.  

8 collage

"Oh my goodness.. she's mine, I can't believe she's mine" was the very first thing I said when she was placed in my arms.  I'm still saying that.  I still can't believe it.  


Motherhood, the greatest gift God ever gave me.  I think I'll do it forever!


  1. Lovely day for the utmost lovely lady. : )
    You were born to be their mother, Tara.

  2. Beautiful pictures to capture beautiful memories!

  3. Oh Tara what magical pictures! Your love for your beautiful family inspires me to slow down and enjoy the simple things.

    My husbands birthday is quickly approaching and I still need to talk with you about ideas for his birthday dates for a year gift.


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