Thursday, May 8, 2014

Her Last ~ Elementary School Concert


I went to the 'for the school' day time performance.  And I got a chance to help put on all of the bow ties.  And I got emotional.  Some of these kids I've known since their first day of kindergarten.  I wanted to tell the little red head how far he's come.  As I tied his 'last concert' bow tie I remember him crying and crying and crying at the kindergarten door for the first three months of school.  I remember the anguish on his moms face hoping that one day it would end and he'd walk in without a tear.  Well guess what?  He finally did.

And my own  Anna.. how far she's come in this building that has been like a second home to her.  It was 'rip your heart out' pain I felt on every first day of school.  I ached for her and knew that she was terrified.

(don't worry... I snatched her right off that bus and she never went on it again... ever!)
vertical photo with splash of color

But look at her now!  She's grown so much!  She still barely talks in school and would rather bury her nose in a book but she's claimed this school as her own.  She's 'one with it' so to speak and I couldn't be more proud.

As we enter spring everything makes me reflect more that I usually do.  Like how today I watched her on her last field day.  And this, her final elementary school concert.


That's life, it's exacting, and it just has to go on.  I'd keep her little if I knew how... but I don't.

Anna, my heart bursts with pride for you.  There is no one in that grade who had to walk through what you did to become the strong, smart, wonderful girl you are.  You had obstacles that they couldn't even dream of.  I love you ... all the way to China... and back!



  1. The last...
    The last everything...
    It is so hard, isn't it Tara?
    In the midst of it, it seems it will last forever.
    Then suddenly, it is time to jump into the next chapter of their lives. Time to move ahead, put of the comfort we have grown used to.

    Please know, I am with you. And if this is any help at all...I remember washing Madison's jumper after school was over in 5th grade I looked at it and could not believe she would never wear it again. This jumper she had worn since 3rd many times I picked it up off the floor, washed and ironed it every Sunday night...she seemed too little to go to middle school.

    And then, when school was ready to start...I got her new skirt and vest out for middle school...and it hit me! It was time...she looked so cute in her new middle school clothes...she was ready! And I felt a peace...

    Anyway, sorry to know I love ya!

  2. We have Nicolas's last elementary school concert this Tuesday. I feel like it is all going by so fast and I pray that I am taking it all in...really taking it all in.
    Happy Mother's Day my friend!