Friday, May 30, 2014

I Love Tea


and all things Susan Branch... and my cozy kitchen... and made in England, Emma Bridgewater mugs, and this... a surprise Scott gave me on Easter.

My first Emma Bridgewater... now I can say "I collect them!"

As soon as I opened the box I said, "I gotta go... I've got to do a photo shoot of my new mug." (running up the stairs to the room that had the best light at the time... it was Abigail's room)


Isn't it darling? Oh how I love Peter and this mug.

And birds


Oh, and this tea he gave me (us) is carrot cake tea... and it's even better than it sounds. Scrumptious!



Do you think I'm crazy? I am. It's okay. Happiness is drinking my morning cup of tea with my Bible in the wee hours of the morning before the little footsteps come down the stairs.

Here's some more crazy... I adore my new tea banner! It doesn't take much to make me house happy. I don't need granite counter tops or fancy new house kind of mud rooms (okay, I really like one of those) but little bits of paper cut into teacups, strung with string... that's happiness to me.





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  1. Your happiness is mine as well, Tara...
    And Madison's.
    How I wish she could join you as well for tea...
    She is a tea lover!
    Have a beautiful day!

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  3. Your new mug is adorable! I've been meaning to tell you...when I was back in Illinois visiting family in April, my mother sent me home with another piece of Belleek. I thought you'd appreciate it ;) It is a gorgeous vase. Sadly, I have no place to put all of my pieces, so they remain wrapped in bubble wrap and up in a shelf for safe keeping. But someday...

  4. I absolutely adore Susan Branch and tea as well. Have had several tea parties with some friends and hoping to get to a few more this year. Love, love, love the darling, especially the little birds on the inside! Carrot cake tea, sounds divine...that's my favorite kind of cake...well, to be truthful, any kind of cake is my favorite! xoxo

  5. I love your adorable new mug! We have a coffee/tea shop by our new home that has the best selection of loose tea...the best part is they serve it in cute glass mugs. I loved visiting during the cold winter with the newspaper or a good book. It was my little vacations while the kids were in school.
    As you know I always love your banners.
    Happy Monday my friend!