Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Simple Things

This weeks simple things bring with them sunny, warm weather.  Oh how good it feels.  My head is brimming with to dos as we all have this year but I'm feeling good in doing what I do best day in and day out.  So much revolves around food, doesn't it?  Planning, listing, shopping, cooking, cleaning...

Anyway, we've been loving being outside more. Like this... sometimes she practices outside as a concert for the birds.

4 collage


Anna had her visit to middle school last week. She was so excited! Her fifth grade class walked from her elementary school and spent the morning. "They have two gyms mommy!!!"

2 collage

Her side kick was super happy for her too.


How Abigail's 'food' arrives each month. I thought I'd grab a picture so I can remember some day.


A before school doctors appointment gave her time for lilac picking.

7 8 collage

And vase filling...


Strawberry, banana, chocolate chip muffins with tea are so good!


And stacks of Scott's pancakes are not bad either!


Up early on a Saturday morning means she the first at daddy's pancakes and her thank you card writing.



Here's to a happy May week!


  1. I was perusing pier 1 store waiting for my daughter to finish swim when I came across the most darling salt and pepper shakers (robbin's eggs) and thought of your two! They were precious and reminded me of your robbin's nest and eggs. ;)

  2. Simple things are the best. : )

  3. I am so sorry that it has been a long time since my last "visit"...your girls are really growing up! Hope you are well, my friend. xoxo