Tuesday, May 13, 2014

And This Was Awesome Too

This was the concert of concerts this spring.  And this was the most challenging for Anna so far.  She was part of the Suzuki Orchestra and the concert was on Saturday.  This is not your school orchestra concert.  The nerves for Anna (and mommy) were sky high.  We were so excited to hear a year of hard work put together!


I sat on the edge of my chair.  I couldn't sit back.  I knew every note and love the three pieces.


I didn't want it to end... not for one bit.


Amazing, amazing, amazing... and she nailed it!


1 comment:

  1. Anna, you are amazing!
    I have always envied someone who could play an instrument like you do...
    And you look so beautiful as well.
    I know the time, effort, and sacrifice that goes into this.
    And I m certain the reward was great.
    Oh, how you make your sweet mamma proud! : )


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