Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pancakes and Pencils... its all sinking in

Our first week of school went off without a hitch.  The best teachers, happy and smiling girls eager to learn and off to school each day.  But just like last year things are slowly sinking in for Abigail.  They had today off and she clung to me all day.  Believe me I loooved it but knew that it just wasn't her.


And then yesterday at dinner I asked her about lunchtime.  Ya know, who did you sit with?  Did you like your ham bites?  And then she told me all matter of fact, "oh, I was crying at lunch.  And I didn't want anyone to see so I hid my head in my lunch box.  But Mrs. Mulready (last years super star kindergarten teacher) came over and said to me, "What's wrong?  I know when something's wrong with my Abigail."  And then when  Abigail told her she missed mommy her teacher comforted her and told her, "oh, it's because she's such a great mom that you miss her."  (or something like that) 

So it's sinking in again.  Abigail is the one that needs to be physically with me.  She crawls in my lap right in the middle of playing with Anna today just because she needs touch.  So, we'll reassure her and love on her when she is home.  And look forward to those weekends! 

And on our day off we made these, yummy!  With homemade blueberry syrup.  Oh I love days off! 


I may have given up sugar, desserts and "home baked goods" (as Abigail calls them) but never ever pancakes (or good wine)


  1. yeah's starting to sink in for all of us!:(
    so glad your fav teacher was there tara to lend some love.:)
    Aubrey has been the same way. wanting to watch a show with me right there...not just sitting by me but ON me!!:) the hard part is, with all the new school year happenings, I am leaving a lot in the evenings and she cries and that is soooo hard!! but we'll all get through it somehow!! thank goodness for weekends.
    have a happy day tara

    and the no sugar thing still blows me away!! I really need that kind of motivation!!!!!:)

  2. Sorry your sweet little lady is having a hard time, Tara.

    Who wouldn't have a hard time leaving all the love and comforts of her beautiful home and family?

    But I know that Mommy is waiting with open arms for her to return, and make it all better. : )

    Have a wonderful weekend, friend...enjoy!


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