Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I blink and it's September

We spent the past three days in homey ness bliss.  Baby doll playing, Little Bear watching, Rainbow Loom bracelets making, Sweet Biscuit baking, summer decorations awaying, scrapbooking closet organizing, art quest portfolio (Anna) creating, pencil sharpening mason jar filling, kind of weekending.  And it was wonnnnderful!  Just was the 'doctor ordered'. (except that none of us are sick, just happy to have time together)




Scott and I kept pinching ourselves (well not literally) that he's not in his phD level classes this year.  Really, just a full time job and our family, really?  No paper to write this weekend, really?  It hit us this weekend and we like how it felt.  A REAL weekend.  In one little weekend we got to little mini house projects that have been put on the back burner for a year since his classes started.  It's awesome how a cleaned out toy closets can make you feel.  Alive, alert, and ready to play with them!

I didn't pick up my camera (much) this weekend.  (huge indication that it was a super great one) Except for this one little outing on the way home from Mass on Sunday morning.  Abigail woke up on Sunday informing all of us that it was Petunia's birthday.  (baby doll) And that her party was at the Hartford Carousel.  Okay, let's go right after church (another it hits us moment that daddy doesn't have a paper to write or an internship to go to)

So only there did I capture just a few. 




I'm going to frame this one and display it when she's all grown up and has a baby shower.  She's a mama in training, this one! 
collage 4


It's a short week friends!  Tuesday through Friday... but really even shorter for us since we have Thursday off for the Jewish holiday.  I'm crossing my fingers for a nice cool, crisp, apple feeling weekend because I'm bringing out the fall bins on Thursday... and yes, I can hardly wait to decorate.  Bring on the pumpkins and gourds.  I'm ready! 

Oh, and I forgot to add to my list of "ing"s.  Grandparent stopping bying
Deep in conversation here. 


collage 11 12


  1. Your Labor Day Weekend sounded delightful. Yay for classes being over for Daddy! Masters level and PhD classes can be brutal. Congrats to all of you for surviving it. And that baby-wearing photo...precious!!! What a grand idea!!!

  2. Ohhhh, Tara! My favorite kinda weekend! And knowing that cooler days and pumpkins and soup on the stove are right around the corner makes it even better.

    I always enjoy your beautiful pictures, friend.

    Enjoy your short week!

  3. What a huge accomplishment and relief for you and your spouse! Enjoy the lull. I have a feeling your fall will be just wonderful now that you have more weekends free!

  4. we love our rainbow loom!!!:) so fun! and please oh please tell me where you got all that little house stuff! that would be the biggest hit over here!
    so glad you weekend was perfect and paper free!!:)
    have a happy day tara

    love your little mama in training:)
    and what was anna creating?

    fall already?? really?? still way hot here!:( ugh!!


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