Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dating You One ~ Movie and Appetizers


Do you remember this song?

Well that song inspired this gift for his 40th.

collage 2

collage 1

Do you remember the rules? On the first of every month he gets of open up one of these

collage 13

to find out his date!

Well, he was dying to open that first envelope, couldn't wait I tell you!

collage 1

I was crossing my fingers that he wouldn't think my first date that would be at home wouldn't be a dud.


And guess what he was happy. So we looked at the calendar, picked a date, and made it happen! (all though this one wasn't that hard) I cooked, chilled the wine, got the (boring) movie he's been wanting to see and even put on lip gloss after 8!


It was fun!


Here's the scrapbook page I made after.

collage 1




And here's the video he made me and gave to me the week after that first date... be still my beating heart.

(okay, so I soooo thought this was going to be a "he's telling me he wants to adopt from China again" video... I mean he pulled me over to him, sat me down on his lap and asked me to watch this... my palms were sweating... hey a girl can dream!) Oh yeah, and this movie was a total and complete surprise... so I had no say over the pictures he chose. 

Oh I love being still in love with you Scott and I can hardly wait until our October date... and I promise we're actually leaving the house for this one. xoxoxoxoxo



  1. You two are the sweetest ever...

    You are a role model for marriage.

    Please tell me you teach Marriage Encounter!

    And Tara...your beautiful smile in every picture speaks volumes of what is in your heart. : )

  2. yeah...first date time!!:)
    and that video...amazing!:)
    what a perfect, perfect couple!
    can't wait to see more.
    have a happy day tara