Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's All in Where You Start

When Anna came home I scrapbooked every single moment with her. Actually way before she was even ours she had three huge scrapbooks filled to the brim of just our "wait". Four more (huge, packed, and filled) of just our fourteen days in China. And then the pink albums began taking over the house. Oh I was always caught up, organized, and it made me so happy.

Abigail came when Anna was just turning four. And I started her scrapbook. I was determined to keep up with both of them. When an event happened (like Christmas) I'd order the pictures and scrapbook them in their albums that same day. I was sooo good. And then this blog came around. Oh, blogging, that's so easy and quick! So somewhere around the time I started this blog I tapered off the scrapbooking. And I MISS It! Not always the making the pages but having the memories in a book, with my own handwriting and not a computer font.

I've attempted a start up so many times. Like here.  I'd organize all of my supplies and then organize all of my supplies. But organized paper, pens, stickers, and die cuts do not sit on your lap on a chilly winter night filling the room with memories as you look at them. My albums would though.

So this is it, really it is. And I have the proof!



I've decided to start not where I left off. Somehow scrapbooking Abigail's last day of preschool picnic is just too overwhelming (that's where I am with her albums) So.... I opened a new scrapbook, put in a package of blank pages and just put in the First Day of School. And ya know what? It was awesome. Quick (15 minutes per book) and fun too! Easy peasy!



They girls were delighted with their first few pages and I've told them to hold me accountable from here on out. As a big event happens I'm going to order the pictures and scrapbook them in that day (okay, well maybe the next)


And no, I won't be scrapbooking the pictures of them looking at their scrapbooks.... just big events people. (like apple picking, school events, Halloween, you get the idea)


And yes, it saddens me that I'll have a gap of a few years in there from where I left off and where I'm starting today but some day I'll go back and fill that in.  My blog will have to help me out on the remembering.  But if I don't scrapbook current I know I'd just have to throw in the towel.  So for now I'm caught up (in my own weird way)



I think I can; I think I can; I think I can!



  1. Perfect plan, Tara...I am just ready to start up again. I am glad Peyton likes to scrapbook as much as I do!

    Beautiful work, friend!

  2. a huge awesome YEAH for you!!!!!:)
    you know how far behind I am in printing photos...Aubrey's first easter!:( I think of it daily. DAILY!! what a mind waster right?:) I keep thinking about are photo albums going "out"? should I just do photo books? is that too expensive? if I keep going at this rate i'll have three closets FULL to the brim with photo albums...yada yada yada excuse and reasons galore!!:)
    I love that you found a solution that works for you and better yet you DID SOMETHNG!!! that has got to feel good.:)
    so just give me an idea...keep going with good ol' albums? something new?
    have a happy day tara

  3. Love this idea!!! I too dropped off scrapbooking when I started blogging and I'm so mad at myself. I think you've inspired me to start current and then work backwards! Thanks, Tara!!!

    P.S. I haven't been able to blog b/c I need to update my google storage account. What a crock!!! Hope to purchase more storage space soon so I can get back to blogging!

  4. Great post! I keep saying I need to scrapbook...then the reality of how far behind I am hits and I feel I'll never catch up and another day goes by... what a great idea to start fresh...I really need to get back to it as I love looking through the books and so do the girls.



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