Friday, September 13, 2013

Little Things In Our Week

Well for some reason this week felt like the REAL first week back to school.  Mainly because the calendar was full and the routines were all in place.  I found myself once again preparing dinner at 9:30 in the morning.  Man, much of my existence is food.   Planning, listing, shopping, putting awaying, cooking, cleaning... and then planning again. phew!  Anyway with a ton of cooking it seems and the regular things of like this week flew by.

I tried something new this week.  I actually took pictures using my phone camera.  I'm usually lugging around the big camera at all times.  But I thought I'd give it a try.  So just a few snapshots from my phone on a busy day like today.  And some little things though out the week. 

Friends who adore adoption as much as we do have two beautiful girls the same age as our girls. Just works out perfect. We love this family and the friendships that they have. Last weekend at a playground...


Big sisters helping little sisters


Baked Manicotti last night... yum!


After some frustration while she was practicing this is Anna and I trying to come up with a plan to hit all of the teachers and orchestras and lessons and ensembles she's in this year. It's now typed and laminated on her music stand and the tears and frustration are gone.


Just so I'll remember her littleness lined up for first grade on a random day.


This week I got a call from the nurse. Abigail had been there with a tummy ache three times in one day. It's her missing mommy September thing... trying to get home. Boy, September can be rough emotionally on all of us! So I went in a few times this week for lunch with my little girl to help her through.  I always just want to bring her home with me after.  Like mother, like daughter, it aches to see her walk out to recess down the hall. Sigh..


Anna and I at the pediatrician this week for a swollen foot from a bug bite. I thought it was infected since she could barely walk on her foot... thank goodness it wasn't and that is almost all better now.


Man, we used to cuddle and talk, now all she does is read.


Weekend homework is way better with a little pot of tea.


Charlotte's Web... I tried counting how many times I read it aloud. Once to each class always in the fall (9 years), Anna told me I read it aloud to her 3 times. And now it's Abigail's turn. I could read it every fall for the rest of my life. Oh that nurturing, that sweet girl Fern, and all of the love a spider has for a pig. Yes, that's 13 times I've cried reading it.


And there ya go... I'm off to pick up the girls and go to tennis! Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Manicotti? Yes, please!

    Sorry about your little homesick babe. Time is all she needs...and some Mommy love, right?

    Anna is a soul mate. The reading all the time? So me.

    Enjoy your tea this weekend friend. I thought of you as I wiped out my fridge today. : )

  2. What sweet moments, love the tea at homework time..I could use that for my schoolwork too! Since going back to work, starting my masters and juggling my schedules with the girls I feel I have very little time. Wanted to take a few moments to catch up on what my friends have been doing. Your blog always makes me smile. Have a wonderful week Tara!


  3. oh that month of September...WAY too many changes for everyone!! glad you got to pop into lunch a few times. that little mid day dose of each other helped i'm sure. even though the walking away is the WORST!!:(

    love your time with friends! good family friends are some important.

    hope anna's foot is all better. how freaky is that! and I get you on the always reading know I do!

    charlotte's web will be our next read aloud just for you!

    and scheduling all that has got to be tough. but sometimes a written plan is all you need to ease the worries!:)

    have a happy day tara


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