Monday, September 9, 2013

And it Begins...


This week I feel like I have to have my 'game on'. Because it all begins. All of the extra stuff that sometimes makes my heart beat a little faster, and not in the good way. It's the rushed, hurried routines that leave me a bit frazzled unless I am super organized and ready for all of it.

What begins? Well it's Abigail's Irish Step Dance Class on Mondays, both girls have Group Viola Class on Tuesday's, both girls have their private viola lessons on Wednesdays, Anna has Sazuki Orchestra on Wednesday late afternoons, Friday starts indoor tennis for both of them, and then on Sunday it's Religious Education. And those are the basics. Pretty soon, but not quite yet we add in art for Anna and town orchestra too. It's enough to pull me over the edge so I've decided to try to keep things as simple as possible for the girls. (and for me)

And although this doesn't include their chores (that's a whole different post) or other things around the house this is the simplest plan I could come up with for after school. (since after school often has a lot of go go go here and there) Simple words; simple numbers, just plain simple. I wanted the bits and pieces we are at home after school to feel relaxed, routine, and thought through.

Here's to another year or enrichment!


This year I'm really going to pray about keeping my voice calm, my actions calm, and our home calm. I know deep down that I set the tone and often that tone in our home gives them the rest they need. I'm going to look them in the eyes, talk to them and listen. I'll run around all crazy while they are at school but no matter what is done or what is not done (like laundry waiting to be put away or a dishwasher calling me to empty it) when they are home I'll be here too. Really here.


  1. Looks good, Tara! You know I'm all about schedules!
    Have a nice evening, friend. : )

  2. oh we are THERE!!! busy busy double busy! but I can't stand that lets say full to the brim!:)

    I love what you said about being "there" when they get home. and about praying for your voice and tone. I get that and really need that too. we DO set the tone for the whole home and even though I can't stand that sometimes (why can't I ever just have my own bad day? why does everyone else have to join me!!:)) I wouldn't have it any other way. lets check in with a little daily text..."calm and ready for":)

    ready...set...breathe...come on 3:00:)

    have a happy day tara

  3. We have the same after school routine. They come in and unpack their backpacks and then wash their hands and face before having a snack. It was so funny on the first day of school they walked right in and did the routine without me even saying anything.

    I have found that if I have a snack ready on the table and my mind clear of everything the afternoon goes better for all of us.