Monday, May 6, 2013




Gosh, I don't want to complain.  But, ugh!  It's Monday and I don't feel like we had much of a weekend.  Actually I told Scott last night that if he wanted to know what to do for Mother's Day just to do the absolute opposite of this weekend and it would be the perfect Mother's day.  It was nothing bad really, just too much of us going in too many different directions and pure and simply just not enough time with us all together.  There are a lot of families that are good at going in a million different directions.  In fact when Scott was trying to cheer me up this weekend he reminded me that every family in our town was having 'that kind of weekend'... shuffling the kids to and fro. And no one together.  Well, I'm not one of those families. Yes our girl have many activities but most of the time they are planned so that there's always together time.  Just not this weekend. 



Too close to the end of her book for a bike ride!

Spring = a ton of yard work.  Back to mowing, fertilizing, planting, gardening, and on and on.  Scott sure works hard!  And then there's our fence.  When we moved to this house the romantic in me wanted a white picket fence with an arbor.  You can't get more New England than a white picket fence.  So we had one put in... about 13 years ago.  If we knew then how much work a white picket fence would be he never would have let me.  Each spring he mends (well, actually rebuilds) the fence sections that came apart during the winter.  Little by little, he's actually redoing our fence.



Sunset and still going

This weekend I was busy with a  photo shoot.  (pictures to come another day) and getting shorts that fit Anna.  We sure packed it in this weekend!

The girls worked on this craft kit for hours on Sunday afternoon.



I wish I had more words to say but all I have in my head is this huge long list of things that are waking me up at night.  My mind just won't stop spinning.  Oh May, it's good thing you're such a pretty month otherwise I just don't know how much I'd like you. 

Working hard into the sunset.

When I see that sparkle and smile I know this weekend wasn't a bad one for them. That's why I love my camera so!



  1. I am the same as you, Tara...busy, hectic weekends are not my favorite. I agree, some families can handle it. Not this mama! One or two things planned...the rest of the time is family time...that works for us!

    May is indeed beautiful, but like you mentioned, it is indeed busy! Field trips at school, yard work, soccer, and two birthdays always make this month fly by...

    Looks like your little one is well on her way with her bike. I remember Rhett having the hardest time! We tried everything to help him go without training wheels. And guess what? The neighbor girl his own age taught him on like 10 minutes! Go figure!

    Happy Monday, friend!

  2. lovin that white picket fence ya know!!:) (but I can se all the work involved..ugh!)
    may is filled with mayhem! that's my new mantra!:)
    glad when you looked back you found some happy times from the weekend. funny how they never feel all we do...good thing right?
    have a happy day tara

    is that the girls school?


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