Friday, May 3, 2013

This Week

I miss my girls today. A lot. I'm glad it's Friday so that we can be together this weekend. I have a photo shoot on Saturday but then I'm parking myself on the floor with them to play, or maybe ride bikes, or sit around longer at the dinner table, or play with dolls, or read that chapter book I started with them (Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm) I can't wait!

Here's a peek at our week. I picked up my camera lot this week and boy... it felt good! Now if only I can find some time to scrapbook these memories... I'd feel on top of the world.

Muffins to bring for the Raffi Concert car ride


Tulips popping up

collage 2 3

Color everywhere


Building with daddy




collage 7 8

Something must have been funny in Harry Potter


Extra large coloring books


collage 11 12

Breaking the shoes rule


But I guess after that long blizzard winter you just gotta feel the warm grass on your feet!


Oh the lips



Another one bites the dust (tooth that is)


Lets get a close up on that new hole


A Kindergarten teacher next door to Abigail got engaged. Love that bride and groom.


She's changing fast... right before my eyes

collage 20 21

And oh my goodness... my favorite from the whole week.... Abigail and her very first viola teacher. He was actually a student teacher, and this was their last day together. He sure had a lot of patience for this little student. I love his smile.


She sure came far this year.


And let's end this week (or start this weekend depending how you look at it) with this. Oh love!



  1. love them all tara!
    I just sat down to try and get my "this week' post out too. I am trying to tackle the world today and doing pretty good...crib sheets off (ugh!) vac upstairs, two bathrooms done and countless laundry. all while playing playdoh and doggie and horsie...:) thinking how everything takes me so much longer but that's ok.

    love those muffins, did you share that recipe already? they look familiar.
    your pictures are so bright and beautiful! love all the color and I am with ya on the feet thing, but sometimes...toes in warm grass is a good thing!:)
    love Anna in that pretty blue dress! I got the same one for Aubrey!!:)
    Abigail looks so big to me in these shots. and happy!!!
    thanks for sharing your week and hug em tight this weekend!!
    have a happy day tara

    ignore all that top part...sounded like a blog post not a may be reading the same thing again on my for real post!!;0)haha

    did I tell you riley reads your blog all the time? I told her the other day that she could comment to the girls if she wanted to!

  2. Beautiful pictures Tara.
    I love getting sweet little notes like that from my kids as well.
    Yummy looking muffins...
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Isn't it something how they change right before our very eyes? I sometimes think what if I just watched them 24 hours a day...would I actually see them growing...: ( Have a great weekend, dear friend!

    P.S. Would love to hear about those know about me and muffins!

  4. Such lovely pictures and I love catching those candid moments like when they play games and build things with their daddies. Beautiful tulips and so wonderful to see children engrossed in a good book! Muffins look delicious! Hope you are having a great week my friend.


  5. Hi this is Riley.
    This is for Anna:)
    Hey Anna! Did you get my letter? I'm not positive if my mom sent it yet.I really want to meet you so bad! can you facetime?????:)