Sunday, May 12, 2013

On Being a Mother

If you've read more than one of my posts you already know how much I love more than anything in world being a Mother.  Although I love these photos...

The moment... the exact moment... I became a Mom... on the other side of the world
first moment

The moment... the exact moment... I became a Mom for the second time
first moment

and I do love those photos. It's not those moments that are my motherhood. It's tonight when Anna wasn't feeling well and needed me for almost and hour to hold her til she fell asleep. It's Abigail needing me to hold a cold cloth against her sore eyes as she fell asleep. It in the lunches I make, the breakfasts I make, the dinners I make. It's in chapter ten of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm that I'm reading to them during after school snack. It's homework time. It's practice time. It's music playing dancing together time. It's disciplining time. It's reminding Anna that her tone was just too sharp for me. It's complimenting Anna when I over heard her encouraging her sister. It's Abigail trying to carry Anna's lunchbox along with her things in the morning because Anna had forgotten it on the kitchen floor. It's even in my loosing with them quietly praying to God for more patience, some strength, and just plain guidance. It's going to them and starting over. It's all of it every day. Over and over and over. My two blessings.

More than anything in life I am meant to be a mother. Their mother. I adore each day with them. The hard ones, the easy ones, and all those in between. What a gift. And this weekend we will celebrate Motherhood. And in my heart filled to overflowing I will thank God for this precious life and these two precious girls that I call daughters.


  1. Soooo very beautiful, Tara...and those pictures...they make my heart smile! Happy Mother's Day, dear friend...hugs!

  2. Such a beautiful post and the pictures oh my. I love the pictures my sister took each time I saw my little ones for the fist pictures ever!


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