Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby Movies


Baby Movies... that's what we call them.  They're the unedited raw footage of life.  And ready for this?  I've taped every SINGLE day for years and years.

When our video tapes were well... tapes at the end of every tape Scott would put that raw footage on DVD so that we could protect it and also watch it.  Now that there are no "tapes" we still make a DVD from the camera at the end of every month. 

Usually I tape just a quick 30 seconds.  Getting into bed.

Saying prayers.

When daddy walks in the door at the end of the day.

When Abigail is crying.

When Anna was pulling Chester's tail.

When they're just playing in the backyard or in their bedrooms.

When the house is a mess.  When the house is clean.

I get that video camera out and I tape. 


Why?  Because I KNOW I'm living in the good old days and I can't imagine not being able to look back and hear, see, and feel that love.  Tiny squeaky little girl voices, even 9 year old pouty ones.  I can't let it go. 

And then at the end of every tape after the DVD is made I typed out the contents so that I knew what it held.

And we love love love to watch them too. 

Usually we're laughing our heads off but this day the girls were watching Disney World way back when Anna was just 3.  I had taped the parade and they were mesmerized. 

Most people say I'm crazy.  I say, "that's okay... I already know what you can play over and over and over in my nursing home room." :)



  1. Not crazy!!!! Perfect!!! And I wish I did more of it way back when and even now...thank you for the inspiration, dear friend, as always...

  2. Tara,
    How do you stay so organized? I love how you ave everything set up and I wish I would have videotaped more. Where do you upload your videos fr safekeeping? I love the YouTube clip of Abigail :) so precious! I think I may be like your husband,,,,going to school forever, lol. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.


  3. oh goodness tara!! every day????? I feel like a big ol' loser now!!:0
    just kidding! I film a lot but not every day...wish I did cause that WOULD be good viewing in the nursing home!;) haha
    I filmed so much more of riley and janey when we were all home so much...feel bad Aubrey doesn't have as much on tape!:( changing that today!!!!!
    we have all those little tapes too. please tell me how scott puts them on cd! we were going to take them all to sams to get them to do it for a Christmas gift for the girls but it's expensive!!:)
    you have so inspired me!
    wish I could come over and watch some baby movies with you!!:)
    have a happy day tara