Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Big Things (like mothers day) and little things

On Saturday the girls had their end of the year viola concerts.  I took a few pictures before they left the house but wish that I had the pictures in my mind that I love... like their teacher opening up his arms to give Abigail a great big hug after, and Abigail's seriousness and concentration on stage, and my mother surprising Abigail at the concert and holding her in her lap as they listened to the music, and the way Anna played with poise and grace. But I do have these...

my little one finished her first year of viola... I'm so proud of her
collage 4


and my big girl just finished her fifth year of playing the viola.... I love how her love for the instrument has grown so much.  It's just part of her now. 

And in honor of Mothers Day I did a lot of what I love this weekend. Oh to play with her.


still in her jammies

And then of course there was the big day... Mother's Day. I'll have to say that Scott really outdid himself this year. He walked in Friday night with flowers, hung the new curtains in the dining room, planted the annuals, and took my whole family out to brunch.

But you know... just like all of you it's the homemade cards and the extra sweetness and the excitement they have for it all that is really the joy in Mothers Day. It was funny this year when Abigail walked into my room at 9:00(!!!) and said, "you're supposed to be sleeping still." Really, after she slept that late she expected me to be ready to be surprised in bed fast asleep. Love that!

And there certainly were a lot of cards. Abigail has been hiding little pictures forever it seems. I told the girls that I got so many cards that I was "like the little old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many children she didn't know what to do." That was me with all of my cards.



a super light breakfast since we were heading to a fancy smanchy brunch...


And after all of that we headed out for a lovely brunch (and had to stop for a quick photo shoot on the way there.)

We did all of these in about 7 minutes... but I love em!


They are always picking flowers.










collage 18 20

collage 21 22


Abigail's full look




Scott and his mom


And the only one I have of me with my mom... ugh... eyes closed


I love my silly happy girls here



It was a happy day.


  1. Happy day indeed, Tara...your breakfast in bed looks charming...and those cards- love!!!!!

    The happiness that is you as a mother just shines right through, dear friend! : )

  2. ok...lots to say!!:)

    love the playing babies shot! such a sweet loveable squishy little doll. I love bitty babies but not the softest and cuddliest right?:)

    all the cards and the love and excitement in their faces is just so sweet.

    the viola pictures are wonderful...they look so darn proud of themselves!!! love that!

    and scott hanging curtains and planting plants...that is true love!!:)

    love the blue ball jar...I have had my eye on a box of those from target!!

    you look beautiful in your photo shoot! look at you all fancy and taking the time to do and sitting on the sofa where we always sit!:0 ha
    maybe for father's day i'll get it together! and girl your arms look amazing!!!!! you would never catch me dead in a sleeveless dress! tell me please the arm workout you are doing!!:)
    glad your day was wonderful from beginning to end.
    have a happy night tara

  3. Gorgeous photos, looks like a wonderful Mother's Day. Love the beautiful tea cup! I love anything to do with tea :-). Have a lovely day!