Friday, May 17, 2013

Five but almost Six

When it's your last day of being 5 and your birthday is tomorrow it's awfully exciting!  there is so much love that oozes from my heart to this little girl.

5 poster

Today Anna is home with a fever... I love having her home with me but today was not the best timing as my list is long and I can't leave to do the million little errands I was going to... but this Tea Party will come together... they always do.  When I emailed Abigail's kinder teacher that I couldn't come in to volunteer today because I was home with Anna she emailed back (oh and loooove this)  "Enjoy your day tomorrow with one the happiest people in the world."  And my Abigail sure is. 

So I'm off to paint the sign, bake the cupcakes, fold the napkins and turn this backyard  into a "Tree house Tea Room"!  Happy weekend!

And just so that I remember my little peanut wore size 4T shorts and a too big size 5 top today to school. (maybe she'll be in size six when she's ten)


  1. Oh Tara...a birthday girl! How exciting! Will be thinking of you today as you are nurse, mommy, cook, and party planner...not to mention sweet wife...

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow...and I don't even need to say it...but, take lots of pictures! : )

  2. Happy Birthday Abigal! Love Flynn. And I hope you blow out the candles.

  3. I KNOW it was a happy day!
    can't wait to see the pics:)