Thursday, February 7, 2013

Learning To Read and a Historic Storm

I know that I should have held my phone horizontal... I'm learning.

I took this quick video of Abigail reading! I love a beginning reader, and this book about two puppies named Bella and Rosie could not have been more adorable!

The funny part is the "salad" part!

PS ~ We're expecting a possible 24 inches of snow tomorrow... NO SCHOOL... Yeah! While others say "ugh.. another" I am so excited. I spent the morning (after being in Kinderland) picking up a few ingredients for three batches of soup (gotta have three different soups), running to the post office for "love" stamps for my Valentines, and then reorganizing the girls playroom. I packed away a few things and shuffled around a few things to make it feel new and exciting. I got the box labeled "Valentine Making" down and added in a few things that I'd picked up over the past month. (doilies, ribbon, and such). I love to create a Valentine with a photo but really there's nothing like paste and scissors and love! It's so romantic.

I'm the only Mom in the world that LOVES cabin fever. Bring on the storm... I can't wait!


  1. hi tara!!!:)
    oh i love a beginning reader too. seeing all those light bulb moments in action. (wish i could have seen the said it was private??:) )
    daves saw on weather channel taht you guys were gonna get hammered...he said i bettr check on you..i said oh don't worry she loves snow days!!!:)
    have fun with that cabin fever and stay safe...and warm!:)

  2. ugh...guess i need to go back to beginning spelling...that was supposed to be: "that and better":)

  3. Oh... how I love snow days too! We are only going to get a little from this storm, so we will watch the Weather Channel and live this one through you! Enjoy and stay warm, Tara!


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