Wednesday, February 13, 2013



I raised my little girls on Raffi.  He is my all time favorite young children's singer/songwriter. 

And even though Anna is nine and Abigail five he still sings every single day in my house. 

There's just something about his voice, the guitar, and the magic in all of the songs I know.

So when I found out that Raffi was coming to Connecticut I raced to buy tickets.  I even took the money I'd been saving to redo our kitchen hardwood floors out... they can wait! 

I have my whole life to have new shiny hardwood floors in my kitchen.  I feel like the clock is ticking on seeing Raffi in concert.  It's not that he's old (even though he is now) it's that my window for my girls loving and belting out these songs is closing. 

But it hasn't closed yet.  When I asked Anna if she was too old to go to a Raffi concert she looked at me with puppy dog eyes and said, "oh please, can I go?"  I thought I'd give her the opportunity to back out of a 'baby' concert.  But these songs are ingrained in her too and she doesn't want to miss it.  I'm grateful for my little nine year old. 

I'm so excited I think I might cry when I hear him strum his first cord.  Abigail has fallen asleep to Raffi every single night since she was a breast fed baby.  We even bring the "Quiet Time" CD on vacations.  It's that crucial.  And Anna was always more of a rockin out to 'Let's Make Some Noise'. 

See you soon Raffi. 


  1. oh tara i gasped when i just read this!!!! i need to check to see if possibly he is coming here!!!:) we LOVE and I mean LOVE raffi! he is our fav and just about all we listen too. i think about it almost every day when i put his cd's in that i hope when the girls are all grown up with their own kids, these songs are available in the new fangled way music will be played then!!:)
    the soundtrack of childhood for sure!
    have a happy day tara

  2. he's coming here too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    may 19th!
    thank you thank you thank you for telling me about this!!!!!!!

    how cool would it be if we could go together!!??:)


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