Friday, February 15, 2013



Phew! Holidays... even the littlest of them... wipe me out! But it was worth it. It was a happy day filled with smiles and love of course!

Here was our morning.

After school the girls had viola. (and I got to sit for an hour and a half... yahoo) When we got home Daddy had already beaten us there and it was one happy evening. I found these online and adore them. I decided to keep them hidden away until the girls walked in from their day.



Next year I'll hang them up when I decorate for Valentines Day. So sweet!

collage  6 & 7

collage 8

The girls were overjoyed with them.


And their little gifts. They each got a book and a nightgown. (with a matching one for their dolls)

(you gotta love then your daughter has this kind of face when she opens a book... makes my heart happy)





We wrapped it up with dinner and desserts and a quick family picture. They only let me do one. :)


And once the girls were fast asleep Scott made these... pomegranate martinis... yum!

collage 13

I'm looking forward to a normal weekend around here. tennis, art school, group viola, teaching rel ed, mass, and that's it. Can you believe I'm actually looking forward to laundry, organizing, and playing with my two littles (as Billie Jo would say:) )



  1. Hi Tara! What a wonderful, wonderful day you had for your family! I love your family picture!!! The love just shines right through! : )

    The envelopes you found were adorable...and I can tell how much the girls loved them. And we think alike, dear friend, ...Flynn got jammies for her and her baby too!
    If we could just freeze time...

    And I agree. Making these holidays so special does take work. And like your little ladies, my "littles" enjoy and appreciate it so! And we wouldn't have it any other way!

    Enjoy your weekend. Looking forward to laundry myself! : )

  2. Hi Tara!

    I love both your Valentine's posts! We are similar in so many ways, I met Jerry at 16 and this year we will be together for 23 years, and 19 married :-) Wouldn't change a thing. I love these photos and the celebrating your girl's expressions are priceless! Enjoy your weekend! You're an amazing mom! Thank you again for our Valentine card, I just love it! :-)


  3. those love day envelopes are just the cutest!!! send me the link to where you got them when you get a chance...i would love to get soem for the girls to hang up every year and fill with goodies.:)

    love the book smiles. and the jammies would be a hit here too. where oh where did you find those??? i think i need to get out more!!:) haha

    great family pic tara. you all look so happy.

    have a happy day


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