Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Be My Valentine


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During our first day at home (blizzard) the girls wrote out their Valentines for their classmates.  It was a challenge for Abigail.  She'd never written her name that many times in a row. 

But she did it and it was so much fun to watch her!

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abigail fixed ds

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So here are their Valentines for school: Anna's front side

blog anna valentine for class front

Anna's back

blog anna valentine for class back

Abigail's front side

blog Abigail valentine for class front

Abigail's back

blog Abigail valentine for class back

And then our second day of the storm we worked on our homemade Valentines.  Oh we loves these the most! 

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I was oh so happy that I had added to my "making valentines" bin this year.  I had all sorts of crafting fun for the girls.  And we had plenty of time thanks to the blizzard.

Look at that snow out my kitchen window!

The set up... I have to make it pretty before we can start.

blog 5

blog 12

Anna likes the creative pieces like doilies.  Abigail loves the peel and stick hearts. 

blog 4

Ribbons and lace, paint and tissue paper... oh my!

blog 8 color

blog7 color

She loves using the glue and too much of it of course!

blog6 color

blog 14

blog 9

blog 10 color

These girls love their daddy!

blog 16

blog 15

A splatter paint bookmark for Grandpa, "because he loves to paint!"

blog 17

blog 18 color

I love Valentine's Day!


  1. these are beautiful tara!!
    love how the girls cards came out. both kinds!:) love your pretty set up shots too...nothing quite like this day is there!:)
    have a happy day

    we love our card...thank you!!!

  2. Love, Love, Love it all Tara...the perfect Valentines Day! Enjoy! : )

  3. Those cards to Dad are just too precious for words. :)


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