Monday, February 11, 2013

"Snowbounded" (abigail says) Blizzard 2013


No school... waiting for the snow to start!

blog abigail at window

It really started out for me on Thursday morning.  I decided to turn on the weather while I ironed.  I knew that a big snow storm was coming but I was curious.  So when I heard that over 24 inches were headed for our town I turned off the iron and rushed to the grocery store just like every other mom in our town.  I have a 'thing' about not only having our house stocked with 'the basics' but I also have to have at minimum three dinners planned and shopped for at all times.  It's just my thing.  I knew I had one more dinner on my list and shopped for so I needed to head out. 

All of the hype gets me so excited.  I cook, I plan, I nest. 

So Friday morning of course there was no school.  Once the flakes started flying down Abigail wanted to take 'Petunia' out in her snow suit.  I took these pictures thinking that I would take some after the blizzard in the same spot.  There was no getting to that spot the next day. 


So here's Abigail just as the snow stared falling on Friday morning. 

blog 2 with color splash

blog 3 with color splash

And then it snowed all day and all night.  At some points it was snowing up to 6 inches ever half hour.  Amazing. 


The state and all activities were cancelled for Saturday.  (yahoo) But then again on Sunday everything closed! 

blog2 color

And even today... Monday... no school.  It's 8am and not a car is driving on the roads.  It's as still out there as it is in the middle of the night. 

blog 3 color

We have a whole system of cool tunnels and forts in our backyard. I think it's like a huge gerbil cage for our girls. They couldn't be happier.

(daddy digging the tunnels)



Huge amounts of snow!



This is where Abigail was standing before the storm started. There's no getting there now!

blog 10





Handsome daddy on day two of snow blowing.


And digging out our front door.


Oh yeah, we're having 'snow' much fun!

blog17 color

And yes, I'm as happy as can be with all of the flutter of 'real life' closed and just us cozy in our house together.  I was shocked when they told us that schools would be closed Monday too but Scott's been the only one out on the roads and says that it's still not all plowed. 

But tomorrow I'm sure all of this cozy family time will end. I'll be rushing around again getting everyone where they need to be; getting the final touches on Valentines Day; and all that comes with real life.


  1. Ohhhhh, Tara! How I love a blizzard! I am just like you...I love all that cozy...No world going on outside time! Look at all that snow! Hope you enjoy it friend!

  2. Oh and Thank You! We love it!!!! : )