Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Day


I'll run around all day long for my girls.  The day is really all about them. I'll make sure they have all of their valentines ready to go

1 ds

3 ds

2 collage

and that they're wearing all of their pink heart clothes.  I'll make breakfast pretty for them and play sweet valentine music in the background. 

(bed head blurry pictures... didn't have time for a take two)
4 ds

I'll pack heart cookies in their lunch boxes.  I'll volunteer for the Kindergarten party.  I'll set up a special Valentine snack for after school.  Yes sir, I'll exhaust myself but I'm in heaven... I love a holiday (even a Hallmark one) 

But today I'll think about MY valentine.  He's been my valentine since I was fifteen.  And I remember him being so creative on Valentines day 'back in the day.'  My favorite was when I was just an engaged 22 year old in my first year of teaching.  When I walked into my third grade classroom on my desk was a beautiful gold heart locket with our initials engraved on it.  Oh he already had my heart but to get up at the crack of dawn and pull off that surprise... he's my valentine.  When I told him this last night he didn't even remember.  He's one for romance but once it's done he forgets it all. 

scott and i drop shadow

Looking forward to a sweet evening with my little family.  (and maybe a little less running all around) 

Happy Valentines Day!

girls vday card front


  1. I always smile when I visit here, Tara...your love of this wonderful gift of motherhood is simply beautiful. Happy Love Day, my friend!

    P.S. I can see many years down the road 2 wonderful mommies doing the same things for their littles, and then calling Grammie Tara to tell them all about it! : )

  2. Love all these pics of your beautiful family and of course LOVE all the PINK!! SO funny about your hubby .... maybe it WASN'T him after all?!?! lol
    Happy Valentines' Day!

  3. i am finally...replying WAY late!!!:)
    it seems my time to comment has been limited lately..but i visit and read every day.:)
    ok...valentines day.
    love it all tara. those pictures of the girls are beautiful and i love the scott story. what a sweetie for sure. and i agree with billie jo...i can see your girls doing every single one of these things for their family some day too!:)
    have a happy day tara


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