Sunday, February 24, 2013

Good Morning

Music that makes me smile even on Monday 'after vacation week' morning. 

Sunday night blues... I've got them bad.  Usually this blog is a place for the happy things in our lives but I just can't help it tonight.  After we've all been home for nine days I dread going back to the 'go go go' schedule that we keep. 

Scott usually sits down with me on Sunday night to go over our schedule just so that we don't have any major surprises coming up through the week.  And it's the normal business with a few overlapping times and places we need to be.  I have to stay after the girls usual viola lesson for a parent class but of course that's one of the three evenings he's not home so I'll have them with me.  Add in a 'car in the shop' day an important 'pull out of school doctors appointment' and I'm thrown.

I know it's all relative.  So many moms wish they could be home with their kids to figure out these scheduling problems.  But changes to our routine... well... I'm just not good at those. 

So I'll dig in and do these crazy days hoping that next time we sit down to talk through the week it'll be 'business as usual'.  Those are the weeks that I love... my house tidy, mostly clean, dinners prepared, and me not stressed.  I know that my peace and calm makes the whole house peaceful and calm. 

With many of these things I have choices, which is one of the reasons we talk through our schedules.  We decide what would be too much for our girls, too much for the two of us, or just too much for our family.  We know that we sink (not stink but really sink) as a family without some unscheduled, play, connect, happy time on the weekend.  Running from one activity to another does not fill us with what we crave all week, just plain time.  So we choose our activities so wisely that sometime I panic when 'extra' events are thrown into the mix.  I want to say no to all of them but gently Scott reminds me that sometimes connections with other people can not be maintained when it's 'convenient' for us, and that sometimes we just 'have to' when we don't  want to put one more thing on the calendar. 

So I'll get to bed super early tonight and wake up to exercise and have a few minutes of quiet time before 'I'm on'.  I'll smile and thank my lucky stars that I'm the one to wake them up in the morning and get them on their way. And through the day no matter what the calendar says. 

School mornings mostly look like this...

She's hard to wake.

And she's hard to get moving.

This one us often grumpy for the first few minutes of breakfast.
abigail breakfast

Almost out the door.. just a quick stop for chapped lips.
almost out the door


  1. Tara...I am sitting here with the Sunday night blues as well. In fact we all are. I love how you verbalized your feelings in this post. I feel exactly the same about extra things during the week! We all had a dentist appointment last Thursday, and I dreaded it all week...just knowing our after school schedule would be altered.

    As for the weekends...same here. And your Scott is just like my Steve...gently reminding me that sometimes we do have to attend events even when we would rather be home. Sometimes I wish we could live like Laura Ingalls...just our little family in a house together! : )

    Have a good week, friend...

    P.S. Was wondering how the Saturday Evening Mass is working out for you all...

  2. isn't funny how those weeks just pop up in the middle of a month and some weeks are just so "regular"!? i dread them too and we are not nearly as careful about guearding that down family time. we all need it to so we need to put it higher on our list.:(

    love the morning pics.
    i have been thinking for weeks that i wanted to do a goodnight/good morning post too so i don't forget those times when the camera (phone) is hardly ever brought out.

    thanks for inspiring me again.:)
    have a happy day tara

    sunday evening blues...ugh!