Thursday, August 15, 2019

Alaska ~ part eight (Juneau)

helicopter 40

Oh man - if I could do one day over from this trip, it would be this one! By far the biggest adventure our little family had been on {all four of us}

But it was so daunting to look through all of the photos from this day - pick the best - size them for this blog - and look through the short videos Scott had on his phone.

So here they are!!! Our hike on Mendenhall Glacier!

Adventure began with a helicopter!

helicopter 1

It's hard to describe how this felt - nerves, excitement, and pure happiness!

helicopter 2

helicopter 3

They were very specific about where we were to sit in the helicopter - the weight had to be even. And Abigail ended up in the front! So cool!

helicopter 4

helicopter 5

This is what we saw from above on our way to the glacier.

helicopter 6

helicopter 7

helicopter 8

helicopter 9

helicopter 10

helicopter 11

helicopter 12

helicopter 13

helicopter 14

helicopter 15

helicopter 16

This is what we landed on! Right on the glacier for a hike!

helicopter 17

We were told to get out quickly and walk as fast as we could away from the helicopter toward their 'camp'. It was all ice of course so it was very slippery.

helicopter 18

helicopter 19

They put clampdowns on the bottoms of our boots so that we could walk.

helicopter 20

helicopter 21

helicopter 22

And then all of a sudden we could walk! It was awesome!

helicopter 23

helicopter 24

Abigail brought this sign from her school - they are posting on instagram places kids have gone over the summer. This was the coolest place to have her KP sign!

helicopter 25

helicopter 28

To be able to trek across the glacier we were given ice poles.

helicopter 29

The first place they brought us to we this hole in the glacier with water pouring through.

helicopter 30

helicopter 31

helicopter 32

helicopter 33

helicopter 34

Being up that high - on the ice - in the middle of nowhere was a surreal experience.

helicopter 35

helicopter 36

helicopter 37

helicopter 39

helicopter 41

helicopter 42

helicopter 43

helicopter 44

helicopter 45

helicopter 46

helicopter 50

helicopter 47

helicopter 48

helicopter 49

helicopter 51

helicopter 52

Me - trying to get as much knowledge as I could to save away fro my 4th graders -

helicopter 53

Our time went too quickly - felt like 5 minutes - and before we knew it, it was time to have the guides take off our clamp downs and head back to the helicopter.

helicopter 54

helicopter 55

I was happy to be the very last and get every single picture I could.

helicopter 56

helicopter 57

helicopter 58

helicopter 59

helicopter 60

helicopter 61

helicopter 62

helicopter 63

helicopter 64

helicopter 65

helicopter 66

helicopter 67

helicopter 68

helicopter 69

helicopter 70

It was so much fun to experience this my little family!

helicopter 71

Went back to the ship so the girls could eat lunch and then hopped off again so Scott and I could indulge in this!

helicopter 72

helicopter 75

helicopter 73

helicopter 74

Pretty much the best thing I've ever eaten.

Now there's a sweet story here that explains why this mid-cruise afternoon date was so special to Scott and I. Waaaaay back when they were babies - our Saturday night 'date night at home' started. After the girls went to bed {almost weekly} Scott and I could cook something yummy that they would never want. Often that was Alaskan king crab legs. Scott would pick them up from the fish store and we'd indulge with hot melted butter and all of that shell cracking goodness. So this brought back wonderful memories.

helicopter 76

I can't think of a better way to come back to reality {except that the rest of our evening isn't really reality either, ha!} than all of us sitting over a pot of tea in the cafe on our ship.

helicopter 77

helicopter 78

And then getting dressed up for dinner.

helicopter 79

helicopter 80

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  1. wow! What an AMAZING excursion!! So incredibly beautiful. God is amazing!