Friday, July 5, 2019

THIS Is Middle School

Before you watch this you need to know --

I am so proud of my girls for the things the "do". Both of my girls play the viola in auditioned orchestras. Abigail has been in auditioned choirs and musicals, and orchestras.

But this...

This is
*last minute

I'm sure her knees were shaking more than anything she's ever done.

It took guts to get up there in front of all of the 6th graders in the whole middle school - all of her peers

She didn't have time to practice with her friend - they just face timed the night before (wow!) and talked about the idea in school.

But she still got up there. And even though she says "it's terrible" and can't even listen to it, I adore it. Because she did something so "middle school", not auditioned, just for FUN!!!

This little clip makes my mama's heart swoon!

And Abigail, one day when you see this on my blog and think "why is it up there?" It's because I didn't want to 'loose' it on my drive. I wanted to remember it. I want you to see and and know just how proud mommy and daddy are that you rocked your first year of middle school. This little video sums up all of you this year.

YOU were BRAVE - remember how you made your first new friend Amelia when I told you to come home with a new friend "that's enough I said"

YOU were INVOLVED - remember how you auditioned for Sixth Dimension and you had Pam from church help you.

YOU did MORE - remember how you auditioned for Beaux Strings? and you GOT IN!!!

YOU were FOCUSED - your grades blew us away and more so how dedicated, focused and involved in class you were.

Yes, you may not love watching yourself sing in that clip up there but we LOVE it!!!  Just look at your classmates cheering you at the end!

And to that teacher that recorded it so I would see it... thank you!