Thursday, July 25, 2019


It has been a spectacular summer for all things faith in our home.

Summer has been a time to unwind and really unwind our minds.

It's a lovely time to dig deep {because our minds are not cluttered} into God's Word.

And I adore that my girls love it.

This past spring I spent some time teaching Anna how I study the Bible. How I use it in my everyday life, how I keep track of what God is leading me to and teaching me.

God's Word - the Bible - my time in prayer is my everything.

Everything comes after that in prority in my life.

I am most grateful that Anna loves the Word too.

These pictures are what I often see in her bedroom -- it's so common I almost didn't take a picture. But then one day I realized that I wanted to remember the summer that she transitioned from our faith (as a family) to her own deep faith and desire to be closer to the Lord.

pie 5

pie 7

Girl, read your Bible.

You can eat all the kale,
buy all the things,
lift all the weights,
take all the trips,
trash all that doesn't spark joy,
wash your face and hustle like mad,
but if you don't rest
your soul in Jesus,
you'll never find
peace and purpose

Every single word of that I believe. You can have it all but if you don't have God, it's nothing.


  1. I read that quote and was like, hell yeah. For all the self-help books that are out there, no one speaks to the soul like only God can. No one can truly feed the soul like only God can.

  2. This is beautiful, and such an inspiration. <3