Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tomorrow is a VERY special evening

Tomorrow I get to be this mama again.

It's Abigail's turn.

She's worked hard since her audition in December. (Well actually she's worked hard since she was 5)

Remember this post back here?  Well it all comes down to tomorrow night.

But this is HER night and we are so very excited for our baby girl.

Last Friday I took a personal day off and spent the day with Abigail since it was her birthday and her Inter Elementary Tour Day.  {After all of those months of rehearsing they travel to 4 out of the 11 elementary schools in our town to play their pieces.  It's sort of like one day long dress rehearsal for the Bushnell that will happen tomorrow night.

We started our day together with french toast.

interel 1

And this is exactly how my girl at just woke up and just turned 11 looks like.

interel 2

Here we are at the first school for the tour day.

interel 3

interel 4

interel 5

After their second school I met all of the kids at a park so that I could bring her an ice-cream (allergy safe) treat since all of the other kids were getting ice cream.

interel 6

They all had a picnic.

interel 7

At a beautiful park.

interel 8

I loved being with my girl on this special day and on her birthday. What a gift!

interel 9

interel 10

Scott met us at the last school on the tour and we took our girl home together. Such a special, special day.

So tomorrow I'm going to race outta my classroom home to curl hair and put on my pearls and heals.  It's one big fancy night!

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