Wednesday, May 9, 2018

New Principal (phone shots)

Oh I have so much more to say about this ... on another day... because there is so much to say and I want to get it right. But right now I want to remember...


  • Just how beaming proud all three of his girls were of him tonight
  • How it felt like surreal, listening to him being recognized in front of all of the principals of the district
  • The words that I tried to hang on to with every bit of me.  I tried to memorize when the superintendent spoke, and when Scott spoke.  I couldn't hold on to every word but I remember...
  • Scott and I go way back from the time he was assistant principal of Squdron Line school and I was principal.
  • Scott turned his elementary school around, closed the achievement gap with a love for children and an incredible skill for leadership and family
  • He will bring his skill set to the middle school 
  • I want to remember how Scott introduced me and his girls.  "My wife, Tara, 4th grade teacher at .... school."  
  • I want to remember watching the girls soak in how they were talking about THEIR daddy.
  • I want to remember how Scott said we are and education family and much of our conversation is about school.
There is oh so much to remember from this evening and I will do a 'proper post' one day but for now I must say that emotions are running deep in our hearts.
    • To watch him say goodbye to his beloved elementary school where he was for 9 years. 
    • To watch him accept this new role with excitement and grace
    • And to be there right by his side, as he was with me.  
    More, more, more coming soon! 


    1. Congratulations Scott!! I love the picture of the two of you! ❤️

    2. Congratulations Scott!!!!!!!!!!
      Love you all!

    3. Awe!! Congratulations to such a wonderful achievement!