Monday, February 12, 2018

Inter-Elementary School Audition

This exact scene happened in our home four years ago.  It was almost surreal to watch again.  Same room, same month, just four years later.  But this year seemed even sweeter because I hung onto it with all joy.  I knew it was my last.

(Anna's eyes when Abigail was opening her letter and Anna's great big hug) 

Abigail auditioned for the Inter-Elementary Orchestra.  Out of 11 elementary schools in our town she was chosen to play at the Bushnell this May.

Here was four years ago when Anna opened her letter.  Here's the post

(2014) (Now watch as Abigail is so thrilled for her big sister.  Abigail was only 5 back then... I love her "I knew you could do it!")

And here Anna is in May just four short years earlier. (here's the link to the post) 


I'm so proud of my girls for their love of music and for their gifts they share with the world.

But mostly proud of their love and joy for each other.  Anna's enthusiasm watching Abigail open her letter is even better than "Abigail getting in".

So now Abigail gets bused to a different school every Thursday afternoon and I pick her up when I am done with my teaching.  And in May we will celebrate her at the Bushnell.  I can't wait!

So so special


  1. So happy for your baby!!!!

  2. Awwww the excitement!!! Congratulations to Abigail!


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