Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Our House ~ April ~


One early April morning I was sitting at my Bible desk in the wee hours of the morning. I love our living room but it felt like it needed a little update. Just a little one. And with our upcoming April vacation week off and no where to go, it was perfect timing.

Here's what we did!

Painted the base of this lamp white and got a bright white shade.


Here you can see the lamps new color and new spot before we got new chairs.

living rm 14

living rm 15

Loaded the tea cart with all things bright, pretty, and spring. And I love gingham!


living rm 16

living rm 8

We replaced the darker single chairs we had there with bright white (linen type texture) chairs for a new, clean look.

living rm 1

And that table right in the middle of the chairs? It used to be a dark cherry color but we put the dark one away for a while and I replaced it with this one I found at an antique store. White with a marble top.

living rm 2

I love the oval shape. And now that the lamp was moved to the tea cart there was no long chord going through the living room.

living rm 2

living rm 3

Little 'lefton' lambs I rescued from antique. I saw them and they were crying out to me to come to my home.

living rm 9

The couch (and antique from my grandparents) stays... forever!

living rm 4

Those lamps behind the couch? I replaced them with white shades and put them both up. (I used to have only one up) I love the brightness that two provide!

living rm 5

Here's what it looks like when you come in the front door.

living rm 6

living rm 7

I"m pretty sure that Noel, our Christmas bird, inspired this whole transformation. His bright white cage was inspiration to me.

living rm 10

On the mantle, 'April showers bring May flowers'.

living rm 11

living rm 6

living rm 12

living rm 13

See the mirror on the wall? It is an antique as well. Weighs a thousand pounds. We took it down, painted it white, replace the old mirror inside and now I'm in love with it! Now it looks feminine and pretty, and bright. That mirror redo really pulls the whole new look together for me.

living rm 3

Every once in a while a room in my home needs a fresh redo... not super expensive, just a little something here and there. This room is so spring to me now. But don't worry, the whole time I kept asking myself, "how will that look at Christmas?" ... since this room is the Christmas room. I can't wait to fill it with all red, and green, and that great big tree! I think all the white and cream will make for an elegant backdrop!


  1. Very pretty! Very bright, airy, and welcoming!

  2. Yes it will!!!!!!!
    Beautiful, Tara!!!!!!!

  3. I love the changes you made in your living the new white table. I have several pieces throughout my home that were my grandparents and I sure cherish them.