Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Suzuki Group Class Concert

On Sunday Scott and I were blessed to attend our daughters group class concert. It's a very very different concert than any of the others. It is small. It it intimate. And because it's not an orchestra concert we can see and hear them up close. It's really lovely.

Oh! And they don't wear the always 'black and white'. They wear back on the bottom and a 'jewel tone color' on top. So pretty.


Here is Anna leading the group.


And here is Abigail leading.


Just because Anna looks relaxed and because it's how I always see her, viola tucked under her arm.


And this! Was stunning. This is Anna's Intermezzo group class. I had no idea this was coming, but they played Martini Gavotte and they each took a solo part.


After we headed to the our town center for treats!



For the rest of Sunday Abigail could be found wearing sunglasses with her pup tucked under her arm.


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