Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Weekending

friday 12

It was a tough week for me.  And I was more than glad to see Friday.  And these amazing, most beautiful flowers from a friend.

friday 1

Pictures just can't capture how lovely this bouquet is. I literally spent the weekend walking in this room.

friday 3

friday 2

And it's opened up so pretty. I really should take another picture.

I did great with the camera on Friday. Really great! And then the rest of the weekend I put it down. Gosh! We celebrated my brothers 50th birthday at a really wonderful Italian restaurant with my whole family. It was GOOD to be around that table together laughing and enjoying each other.

And Mothers Day. (I'll do that on another post)

But Friday I do have pictures. Anna was at a viola competition (out of state) on Friday so it was just us and Abigail to the garden shop for our summer annuals.

friday 4

friday 5

Love this girl with all my heart.

friday 6

It felt so so good to be among all of the flowers. The perfect way to start the weekend.

friday 7

friday 8

friday 9

friday 10

We missed Anna.

friday 11

But she was so so tired by the time she got home. She headed straight for the shower and to read in bed.

friday 13

I'm not sure what part of the weekend this was but I love it. Chocolate chip cookies in the oven. And someone who just couldn't wait!

sunday 1

Saturday found us at another concert and my brother's birthday.

And Sunday the rain cleared and we celebrated Mother's Day. More to come soon!

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  1. Sweet Abigail!
    She is simply beautiful...inside and out!
    And your flowers are beautiful.
    Just like you!