Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mid Week Muffins

I am a 'by habbit' person. 

Every Friday is 'French Toast Friday'.

Every Wednesday is Chicken Pot Pie.

Every Sunday I bake a pie or cookies.

And sometime in the middle of the week I bake muffins.  

There is often more baking in a given week but that is just the bare minimum for me.  

I need to bake.  Really need to.  I love the feeling of getting all of the ingredients out.  I love the process of mixing it all together to make something special that my family can't buy.  

I love the feeling of my little dome bake stand full in the middle of a busy week.  
It makes me feel happy to see my girls and Scott grab a muffin to go with their milk (Anna) or Elecare (Abigail) or tea (Scott).


Baking doesn't take much time but for me it's middle of the week therapy and I can't live without it.  


  1. Love you for...and because of this.
    If only we were neighbors. Sigh...

  2. I find it therapeutic. My Mabel loves it, too. You should have a baking bucket list for the summer (that's what she's doing.) Those muffins look delish!