Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Anna's Social Studies Inquiry Fair!


May is full.  Really full.  It is for all of us moms out there, right?  There are spring sports for some, orchestra and solo concerts for another.  Graduations for some families, and family events too.  Just plain full.

My stragegy is to try not to go too far ahead of myself or I can get stressed out really easily.  Most days I feel like I can 'run the show' easily, but throw an extra evening event (this week has two extra events) on top of the already full schedule and you've got a recipe for a bad week.  I won't let it happen.  So we try to just talk through the next day the night before.  And we try really hard to just enjoy each afternoon/evening as it comes.

So last night Anna's eighth grade had a Social Studies Inquiry Fair.  She did an amazing job on her research and the project presenting all of her information.  The school was filled with lots of good knowledge and we really enjoying seeing it all.


I was especially proud of Anna for standing by her project all evening as families walked by and asked her questions about Thomas Paine.



We walked to the school and it was warm and lovely.  Perfect for noticing the lilacs that are in bloom.


Which reminds me, it's Abigail's "birthday tree" (blooms up to her birthday each May) and that means that another big event around the corner.  Better get a to do list going.

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  1. Way to go, Anna! She is such an amazing student. I would have loved having her in my classroom back in the day :)


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