Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Our Home ~ May

May is such a lovely time in Connecticut.  (not so much with our schedule) The sun is shining and the birds are chirping.


I love that when I get up in the morning it is already beginning to get light out.  No more pitch dark mornings.  Even though I rise early I still like to get up when the light is just beginning to break forth.


I don't have to wait as long not for my runs.  By 5:15 it is certainly light enough here.  And it feels like I have the whole world to myself.

Lately I've been going through a few things with my health.  Nothing to be concerned with, really.  But just annoyances and questions.  A bit of unrest and thoughts stirring.  But I find peace in my early morning runs and my time with God.  And I find comfort in my home.  My home is a reflection of my love for my family and I love when I give it the love that it deserves.  When I do my home welcomes, it comforts, it orders, it relaxes, it binds us together.  And so I decorate and redecorate each and every month.  Even just little changes can make a whole big difference in the atmosphere.

In the spring I like an light and airy look.  Simple decorating.  Once all of this pollen is gone (poor Abigail) I can open the windows and see the sheer curtains blowing.  For now we try to keep the pollen out and her eyes as comfortable as possible.

I had some time at the beginning of the month to change a few things around.  And just in case you wanted to see, here are a few nooks and crannies around our house right now.

Our front walkway is lined with flowers right now. I must get out there with my camera. It is so pretty after our trip to the garden store last Friday.

A tulip 'wreath' on the front door for spring.


And a simple little hutch when you enter.



I love these little rainbow Beatrix Potter books.


Counting my blessings.


May in our house is decorating for Mother's Day and our two daughters birthdays. Such a sweet, sweet time of year.



A walk out the back kitchen door lead to the mud room and the back yard. More time for sure as the weather gets warmer.




I love setting up little vignettes here and there for each theme/season. On my kitchen tea table I have a silver tray that belonged to my grandmother. 'Poppies Babies' is a vintage book published in England, part of the Brambly Hedge collection. Each book is beyond delightful with intricate details in the illustrations. I love them so. And of course this little Beatrix Potter figurine.


A teacup Anna gave me is the perfect size for an afternoon cuppa tea.


Little coffee mugs from Cath Kidston and my 'Count it all Joy' sign (from James 1:2)


I took down the little peeking bunnies and put up cream ware farm animals.


The paper straws are for Anna's morning smoothies. Just a simple touch to let her know she's loved. (her smoothies are a banana, strawberries, a big ol spoonful of vanilla yogurt, and milk)


For the living room mantle... sometimes you just have to treat yourself.


A mothers day look in the house called for a tea cup mantle.



and a little Susan Branch








Oh these Brambly Hedge books are some of my favorite in my vintage children's book collection.


On the tea cart



In the family room I like my grandmothers milk glass on the mantle. It's perfect for summer.


Wooden floral hearts and bright wreath are just the pop of color I love.


And I found these milk glass candlestick holders for a steal!


So a theme of Mother's Day and Birthday combined all over my house in May.

after school 7

Loving the Little Grey Rabbit Birthday.


And a Little Golden Book is just as sweet as can be!




There is a whole seasonal collection of Yee's books too!


When I'm redecorating each month I love when I "find" in my collection the perfect piece to go in the perfect place. This from Royal Dalton


~ other little things around my house ~

I found that traditional sized tea towels get lost in our big new stove... but this vintage fabric, all stiff and starched makes me happy when I'm in my kitchen.



Nothing quite like a cuppa tea and a new Victoria magazine on a spring night.


Yes, such a lovely time of year. I'm so grateful for this blank space each day that holds time still for just a bit, helps me remember all of my daily blessings, and challenges me to be the best I can be. (even in a very full time of year)


  1. This post was the perfect dose of relaxation for me! I love, love, love your home and could feel the peacefulness as soon as I started scrolling through the pictures. May is so extremely busy for us as well, I can barely handle all of the activities and running around. Making our homes a sanctuary is so important and I can tell that is exactly what you have done for you and your family.

  2. Tara, I love everything about your home! All of your little touches make it just perfect! One thing that really caught my eye was the teapot and teacup banner! Where did you find it? Did you make it?

  3. Love all your Spring touches. Your home always looks so warm and welcoming! So many special touches. Hope all is ok with your health, I'll be keeping you in my prayers. Have a wonderful evening!


  4. So much to love here. Looks like it should be in a magazine shoot! How perfect that tea mantle is for you!


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