Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Weekending

Friday was beautiful. 80 something and sunny.

When I picked up Abigail at her school Scott met me there and we toured her Spring Art Show. I like to not go on the Art Show Night. It's packed with people that night and I've found in the past I've had to spend more time saying hello to other parents than really being with my child.

friday art show 4

I love it on a Friday afternoon. All of the teachers have cleared the building and the kids are all gone. (great for picture taking)

friday art show 5

Abigail has been looking forward to creating her heritage horse since she was in kindergarten and her big sister Anna was in fourth and made hers.

friday art show 1

She did a beautiful job and was so so proud of her herself. She talked for the longest time telling us all about the process.

friday art show 2

It was super hot in the building. No AC in New England schools so once it heats up in the afternoon it can get sweltering. Good thing today it was back to a comfortable (in school) 60.

friday art show 3

After that Scott we ate a yummy simmered all day crock pot dinner and I made an apple pie.

friday art show 6

friday friends 3

We had our lovely neighbors stop by and so enjoyed our first evening out back on the patio.

I love young families just starting out.

friday friends 1

Saturday I noticed a book talking going on as they leisurely ate french toast.

saturday 1

The next day Abigail was in an Irish Dance Feis. (competition) It was stressful for the few moments before she was on but she did wonderfully under all that pressure.

saturday feis 1

saturday feis 2

saturday feis 3

Just look at that serious judge she danced in front of.

saturday feis 4

I ignored the "no picture taking" signs since I'm pretty sure they really are about using a flash. And since I don't use one I was able to secretly snap just a few.

saturday feis 5

Abigail has such allergy issues especially with the pollen flying all around in springtime. Her eyes are constantly swollen even with all of the meds she can have.

But I love this proud picture of her. She "placed" in two of her events.

saturday feis 6

On Saturday night I did a fun photo shoot to get a picture for her upcoming birthday invitation. Rainbow is the theme.

(not the one for the invitation but boy oh boy she sure is growing up right before my eyes/my lens)


And since Saturday was all about Abigail I was really starting to ache for time with Anna so I brought her out to breakfast before church on Sunday morning. I am finding 13 to be such a lovely age. I adore her little girl ~ness that's still in her but also seeing who she's turning out to be.


The rest of Sunday I did a ton of cooking. We both did. I think I ran the dishwasher four times (or was it five) on just Sunday alone. But we are happy to be in a new week. And happy to be in spring time.

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