Friday, May 19, 2017

She Turned 10!!!

Yesterday my baby turned 10. 10!!! And we had a wonderful day, start to finish.

I love my daughters birthdays. Such a happy day for me, reminding me of how blessed I am to be their mama.

I surprised Abigail with a new dress to wear to school on her big day.

morning 1

With sweet little birds on it. Perfect Abigail dress.

morning 4

And the very unusual weather called for crazy high temps so up in a bun her hair went.

morning 2

A few before school pictures of my little girl. She's always willing.

morning 3

I am quite convinced that Abigail will be twirling in her wedding dress someday.

morning 6

She's a twirler.

morning 5

I love the spring in our backyard. The grass so green and the tree leaves so welcoming after a long winter.

morning 7

I picked up Abigail early from school. The heat was unbearable yesterday, so we came home and I read books to her. (and got her a Belle balloon... right now her favorite princess)

after school 1

after school 7

We listened to songs like this and this and this  and this  while I cooked... and danced around the kitchen.

after school 5

after school 2

She wrote in her diary (because you just HAVE to write in your diary ON your birthday)

after school 3

Daddy came home and the "party" started.

after school 4

She had her all time favorite dinner, chicken pot pie

after school 6

And then we headed to the patio for cake and opening presents.

Abigail's face. She adores her sister.

party 1

Anna's face.

party 2

These two.

party 3

Isn't there something you just love to capture with each of your children? For me, with Abigail, it's her faces. Of silliness, of delight, of love.

party 4

Be still my heart.

party 5

party 7

party 8

party 9

A minnie mouse pandora charm (and eyes that sparkle when she opens presents)

party 10

party 11

party 12

The face of a ten year old opening an American Girl doll box.

party 13

party 14

I don't care how overpriced they are, some things (like the joy on her face) are worth it.

party 15

I think I should sell this one to American Girl.

party 16

party 17

party 18

party 19

party 20

Minnie Mouse and a Hawaiian theme? What could be better for a trip this summer to the Polynesian? That little girl needed jammies!

party 21

party 22

party 23

Anna picked out a fun girl too.

party 24

party 25

party 26

party 6

party 27

Time to officially turn 10! And eat cake!

party 28

We have a little girl party coming next weekend (and grandparents party too). I am looking forward to more celebrating with this not so little, little girl of mine. Oh I love her so.


  1. Happy Birthday sweet Abigail!!!!
    Double Digits!!!
    Tara, no-one does birthdays like you.
    And no-one captures them like you either.
    Your photos...
    Always so amazing!

  2. Happy birthday to Abigail! Double digits! Wishing you a year filled with abundant blessings!

  3. Happy Birthday! Juliana is right behind her.
    I love her dress!
    She has the best expressions while opening gifts!
    I hope she had a wonderful day!