Thursday, January 26, 2017

High School

Tonight Scott and I went to a meeting at the high school Anna will be attending next fall.  High School!  Weren't we just at the welcome to kindergarten meeting?

It was exciting.  It's high school (not the same one of course) but a high school and it reminds us of dating each other.  Just kids back then.

And it's THE high school Scott was coaching tennis at when I walked up with pink helium balloons on the day of Anna's referral from China.

So much of the word high school is sweet to my ears.  But this will be her moment.  Her high school, and we're so excited for her.

(seniors, 1991)

IMG_0002 blog


  1. Oh.....
    You two!
    You are adorable!
    Then and now.
    And yay Anna! High School!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness I love this picture! Ray and I met in high school as well..I think we "asked" about this before. I had a high school information night for Nicolas and high school the other night. We are going between two schools.

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