Friday, January 13, 2017

A Little Book Project

Abigail has a homework packet due every Wednesday for reading. She LOVES it. She reads approximately 300 pages each week, records her reading, write a summary of the book (a plan before that too), and a captioned and labeled illustration.

If she gets all of that done before Wednesday she has time to create an extra credit project.

Thank goodness for still innocent, joy filled, book projects.

I can tell you that none of this happens in Middle School.

Abigail read Winter According to Humphrey and loved that book. So this is Humphrey's cage. (He's a hamster that lives in a classroom)



A bed and a little hamster wheel to run around.


But best of all was the look of pure pride on her face the morning she brought it to school.


We are so excited about our three day weekend coming up... starting now!

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