Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas Week

There is a teacher I work with who is a bundle of fun.  She asked me when I saw her today what I did last week on vacation.  I said, "nothing"  But she was looking more like nothing meant going out to lunch, a movie, shopping, and then a day trip.

But nothing meant nothing.  I told her that after we drove home (30 minutes) from my parents on Christmas night I didn't leave my house until the next Sunday.  Didn't leave.  

Scott was kind enough to do a grocery shop mid-week after I planned out some dinners/snacks... but I didn't leave.  Once.  

Her mouth hung open.  "I'm a homebody" I explained.

Especially now, that I'm working I need, really need to be home every second I can.  

Home refreshes me, recharges me, restores me, connects us, unwinds my brain.  And it was wonderful.  





We did have our friends come over to have a Gingerbread building contest. They know me, and were happy to come to our house.


We used Trader Joes kits but I added in a lot of extra fun candy!


It was "the Dads" against "the teens" against "the littles"


(the moms hung out, watched, swept up the floor, served pizza, etc)


(chemo is over... one major surgery to go)



I packed away one tree one New Years Eve (morning)


And then (for the first time that whole week) got out of my cozy yoga pants and put on some mascara.

because we had some celebrating to do...







It was my favorite New Years Eve ever. It was just the four of us... we got all dressed up, Abigail and I were in charge of the table setting and the events. Anna and Scott cooked a wonderful dinner.




We all went around sharing a favorite moment that God touched us in 2016.


Abigail told about one special "morning devotional time" that touched her heart.

Anna told about how when Scott was away one weekend we went for a walk and we got poured on like never before. And how she thought I'd be mad but that all three girls laughed and laughed and laughed.

And Scott and I shared our hearts and love for God as well.

And then we watched hours of "baby movies" hours hours hours.

Me feeding Anna in her highchair


and when Anna wanted newborn Abigail in her "cave" with her.

We laughed. And I cried. And I felt so grateful that I got to do all that. What a gift God gave me; motherhood. I cherish my role as a wife and mother above anything. It was the perfect way to ring in the new year.


I spent New Years Day with my big blotter calendar and my planner (and stickers) and planned out all of January. The places we have to be (yuck), the cleaning, the laundry, the dinners, all planned out, and so pretty too.


Thank you Christmas week, you were just what I needed.


  1. Ahhhh.
    I am tearing up, Tara.
    I know...really know...how wonderful that week was for you.
    And I am soooo over the moon happy for you!
    I don't need to tell you that we did the exact same thing down here!
    Your New Years Eve was beautiful.
    YOU are beautiful.
    I am blessed to call you friend.

  2. This week is my favorite week of the entire year. I wish it would happen more often :)


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