Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Catch Up

Lately I've been behind on blogging.  Except that when I look at this little blog of mine there are mostly posts Monday through Friday.  But I found a bunch of blogged sized, ready to go pictures on my computer and I thought I'd drop them in all in one big catch up post.

But just for me... I want to remember what my focus has been and why I'm behind here on memories.

We've been busy with all good things.  And THAT is sure a reason to be grateful...

Things like...

~ a new kitchen (always takes so much longer than you imagine)
~ an eighth grader who is taking Algebra (and getting High School credit)
~ a fourth grader who has homework that has stepped up a notch this year and needs a little guidance on 'moving though' it.  I am the master at time management and teaching my girls how to use their time well.
~ Mass and church school
~ Working (teaching) Although its only part time it sure takes all of my heart when I'm there and it takes up most of the school day while the girls are at school.
~ I have a principal for a husband.
~ Cleaning and cooking and laundry and ironing and calendar organization and driving and supporting and encouraging and viola listening and all the while trying to fill my girls with as much wisdom as I possibly can in the short time I 'have' them

Like I said, it's all good, good, things.  This happy little life that's mine, that's ours.  But it sure is full!

We cleaned up and reorganized the playroom a few weeks ago so now there is so much more room for playing (if we can fit that in) Magnatiles and Disney princess (and prince) figurines are always a favorite when Anna and Abigail play together.




Oh, a while back we finished this fun Christmas puzzle. I really like having a puzzle on the family room coffee table. Or an ongoing game. If in our lack of time I just peek in there, I love the feeling.


Anna is in her school orchestra and in the 'select' (audition for) select orchestra. This was a concert night that Anna participated in.


Sometimes I take for granted all of the music that this girl fills our hearts with. All of the orchestras, both for public school, chamber music, and private Suzuki orchestras. It's just part of our life. But I never want to take it for granted. I always want her to know how much it fills our lives with joy. And this was the perfect way to remind her just how much we love it. This week I surprised her with a vintage book I fell in love with the moment I saw it.


Delightful illustrations and darling story about a bunny who comes across a trumpet and finds how music fills her heart and her life in a way that nothing else could.  AND look at that cover paper below and a ribbon.  When Abigail and I unwrapped it to sign we both gasped outloud.  Oh how I love a book with a ribbon.

I had it on Anna's bed as a surprise on one of her concert nights. (I don't do flowers for concerts... I'd be buying flowers ever 5th day... so once in a while I try to find something lasting that will be really meaningful to her)


Reading, reading, reading and no longer saying every 25 seconds "what's this word?" I've had one of those moments when I can't remember when the last "what is this word" questions was. Just stay little, just stay little, just stay little...


Oh, this is kind of funny! In redoing the playroom we decided to toss this little pink couch. But somehow on the way out it stopped in our kitchen and has been there for a week or so. And this one is always in it.



Yes, I think I'm mostly caught up here.  Hope you all have a  lovely week...


  1. What a darling little book! I hear you on busy schedules, so much going on here right now too. Glad all is well!


  2. Love the last picture!
    I can't wait to see pictures of your kitchen!