Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas Card Photos

I loved our Christmas card this year.  It was different, that's for sure!  Usually I have to have snow or at least cold, bundled up kind of picture.  But Hawaii.  Hawaii.  Seeing as we won't have the opportunity to have a 'we're in Hawaii' Christmas card like ever again... we HAD to right?

And really the WHOLE REASON why we went (our 20th Anniversary and my gushing love for marriage, Scott, and the start of this little family of four) that's really what I wanted on our card.

So Hawaii it was.  (back here)

But I did buy the sweetest matching dresses for my typical Christmas card.  And I found a way to 'teen up' Anna's (with the fur vest and the sassy ankle boots) and still kept Abigail wittle and sweet.

I'll tell you how this unplanned photo session happened.

How was it unplanned if they were matching and all in their 'costumes' for the session?

Well, around November when I set it all up and figured out all of the clothes and shoes I waited.

For snow of course.

And waited.

Then we went on our annual Christmas Getaway weekend.  (back here)  and I thought as I was packing, "let me just throw those outfits in the car just in case"

As soon as I saw that gorgeous inn I knew that I could do a session there.

After the tea we enjoyed the girls graciously got on their 'costumes' and pranced around outside for me.

And guess what?  The VERY NEXT WEEKEND it snowed at the Lord Jeffery Inn.  I watched it all on instagram and though, oh gosh!  I wish we were there in the snow.

But it didn't really matter because we didn't use the photos anyway.  Because Hawaii.

You know, for a split second I thought "I should save those photos for next year"  but next year it next year and they'll look different.  So I thought I'd share them here in this space.

My precious Christmas girls.











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