Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Enjoying Books

Last night at dinner Scott said to the girls, "Hear that?  That's the sound of a delay."  We heard ice and freezing rain.

And he was right.  Woke up this morning with a 90 minute delay.  I was so happy to have that extra time in the morning.  Scott's town/school had no school (principals go in anyway) but he was able to drive the girls.  

I was actually happy that it wasn't a snow day.  I'm holding on to the June 13th last day of school (which is super early in Connecticut since we start in September or just a hair before)  

It sort of made our day a little crazy but the school part of the day flew by in a flash!  I was secretly hoping that evening orchestra and group viola classes would be cancelled but it was only rain by then.  

Tonight I started number eight in a series I'm reading to Abigail.  A series called 'the adventures of Sophie Mouse'   They are the sweetest bedtime stories and I love reading to her.  I ask her every night, "what am I going to do when you grow out of bedtime stories?"  "I never will, I promise."  

But as I type I'm listening to Scott teach high school algebra 2 to Anna for an upcoming test.   So something tells me to soak in every second with Abigail's bedtime stories.  And the 'Sophie Mouse' books are just the books that scream 'just stay little', 'just stay little', 'just stay little'.  There is always a tea party with little acorn cups.  The mom in the story owns a bakery in town and Sophie is friends with all of the animals in town.  I think it's just the story to drift off to sleep to.


Sure, I can read more challenging books to my youngest, but she's my youngest and right now sweet intro chapter books feel just right as a read aloud this week.


I love my work in my home.  I love cozy January nights.  I love my little family and doing what I do. Especially when I can read to a snugly 4th grader who still loves adorable chapter books along with me.  

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