Monday, July 11, 2016

You Are Beautiful

I heard the tail end of this song like a year ago on Kids Place Live (XM Radio) in the car.  I didn't catch the name of it that day but waited and waited and waited for it to come on again.  I was driving Abigail this morning and it came on.  I screamed and then I cranked it up.


Remember who you are
Remember who you were before 
Look into your heart
Slip on through the open door
Sit under the sun
Be still for a little while
For You are the one
You are that sacred smile
You were born with endless love inside you
The whole world was calling your name
Everyone singing Hallelujah
Powerful beyond imagination
You were born with indelible light
Who is gonna change this world for the better
You just might
When you give you begin to live
When you love you become love
I a here to remind you here to remind you
You are beautiful.

This song is makes me smile and tear up all at once.  Behold the one who knows you well.  And I am here to remind you... you are beautiful.

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