Thursday, July 14, 2016

Lion King... Dress Rehearsal

The bright costumes, the music, the scenery, the story of courage, love, and finding yourself... what's not to love about Lion King, the musical?


Please excuse my blog for the next few posts as I download so many photos of this week.


A bit about summer musical theatre that you really need to know for this all to make sense... my dad does extravagant musicals with middle school kids throughout the school year. His shows are amazing, like no children's theatre you've seen. He has a talent for bringing out the best in each child and he teaches them how to dazzle on stage. Now, a school year musical takes 6 or 7 months to work on daily for the kind of shows he creates. But he also (for 42 years now) has produced and directed children's musical theatre in the summer. The summer shows are only 4 weeks to produce. Not including weekends of course or that longer 4th of July weekend, he puts on a show in 19 days. But really it's more like 15 because you have to take off the actual days of performances and the earlier audition days. 15 days to create a full length extraordinary musical of Lion King. It blows my mind each and every year.


These are just some shots from the (no tribal makeup) but full dress rehearsal.


Abigail was a Lion cub and she was amazing.


She sang and she danced and she loved it!


More to come!

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