Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Swimming Lessons

Well, Abigail finished four straight weeks of swimming lessons this summer (after fall and winter lessons this past school year)  I loved the summer lessons best of all.  They were Monday through Thursday, and I think the being in the pool with a teacher daily really made a big difference.

Right now I'd consider Abigail a swimmer!!!  But still in the category of not taking my eyes off of her.  Her back stroke is amazing.  She does that with ease the entire length of the college pool.  Her front stroke is coming along nicely but boy that side breathing is something tricky to learn!

I am so happy that she's swimming and can now enjoy being in the pool with her sister.  And I'm happy that when the water is too cool for this mama I can sit on the side and watch her.

Last week she passed the '4 ft swim test' at our outdoor pool (not swim lessons pool)

And she was quite proud of herself!


On the last day of swim lessons each week they have the kids jump off the diving board if they want to. I love this part. She's gone from this to this... (yup, that diving board into that deep deep water is so scary!)

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