Friday, July 8, 2016

These Things I Know for Sure

Big & Little Things ~ Everyone doing their part,
Living the life that God has Given us ~

I got my contract today for teaching (tutoring) in the upcoming school year. It's a whopping 10 hours which pretty much keeps me in the category of "stay at home" mom. Or now of course that both of my girls are in school it puts me in the category of classroom volunteer, home cleaner, cook, laundress, home decorating, holiday planning, happy house making category.

I find this time in my life (sometimes) to be a bit restless. One foot as a stay at home, one foot back into the classroom. Some days my heart leaps in happiness at being the in classroom again.  Some days I can't imagine more than the small teaching I am doing right now.  As restless as this time feels there are more than a few things I know for sure.

My children still need to be parented, taught, loved, encouraged, guided, and filled with faith.

My home is still a place to nurture and love the ones I love best. And making my home comfortable, pretty, functional, organized, and clean will make it feel relaxed and a place to learn, grow, rest, and love.

I also know that the secret to a happy life is in the little things.

"It was true, she thought, that the big things awe us, but little things touch us" Bess Streeter Aldrich

a walk
twinkle lights all year-round
tiny bouquets of flowers for my kitchen windowsill
the 'Little House' books
listening to the birds sing
baking an apple pie
praying and reading my bible at sunrise
surprising my girls with something little that will make their eyes sparkle
tea in a pretty cup
finding a magazine in the mailbox
decorating for the seasons
rolling out homemade pie crust
preparing a hot bubble bath for my youngest
being silly with my oldest
dinner in the oven
pretty things in my house like teapots, and cute vases, antique flowered dish towels, and quilts
vintage books on my mantle


Abigail snapped this of me. I like it because it's how she sees me. I'm always in the kitchen and I always have an apron on (I do right now as I type)

"The ordinary arts we practice everyday at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest" Thomas Moore

And one more things I know for sure... I'm the luckiest mama in the world! 


  1. Love all of this. I often think abut going back to work for more than a few hours a week but then I remind myself there will be time for that when the kids are gone...for now my place is to be home for my family.
    I love the picture of you...

  2. This is beautiful, Tara.
    I got a peek into your soul through your words...
    And I admire your heart.
    Beautiful photo. Simply stunning. : )


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