Thursday, July 21, 2016

Starting at the Beginning

I've been wanting to tell our story here for so so long. Sometimes I write it in my head as I drive. Sometimes as I fall asleep each night. But life is full and there is hardly time. But I will make the time. This summer is long long long. But where to start? When we were in high school and caught each others eye? On the high school trip to Spain when I held his hand on the flight pretending to be afraid to fly? Or should I start when were in millions of miles away in our freshman year of college and fell in love through letter writing? Or would it be better to start when I cried my way through my vows because I was just so filled with God's love at that very moment and the love for my groom? That is all good. And I'll get to all of that. But I really need to start at the beginning. My childhood. Not too much of it, I promise. But just a bit.

I know it sounds like a Hallmark card but it's the truth. I had the MOST WONDERFUL childhood that a girl could ever have. I've written about it from time to time here on this blog. I actually thought everyone grew up just as I did. I was very naive and it was a magical way to grow up. I'm grateful every single day for a little girl who knew daily

~ loving parents and a peaceful house. A peaceful house is one that I don't take for granted. Our house was warm and loving and happy
~ books read out loud to her
~ one silly older brother who make life fun when I was little and taught me how to be social when I was older
~ one serious really smart older brother to taught me everything I ever wanted to know
~ dinner at 6:00 on the dot with all the parts
~ a clean, very clean, organized, pretty house
~ dolls, doll clothes, and a doll cradle in my room until high school
~ summer vacations all around the US
~ grandparents only 15 minutes away that adored me
~ a teacher exchange in Hawaii that allowed me to live in Hawaii for a year with my family
~ summers doing musical theater with my dad
~ watching the Muppet show ever Saturday night with my mom
~ Sunday Mass
~ elegant, yummy, happy holidays, every single one of them
~ a Dad who brought magic to childhood and a Mom who made life beautiful all around me
~ and a young boy who sat in front of me in 7th grade science who was so cute I could barely dissect that frog, so he helped me


  1. Dearest Tara...
    I'm so excited about this!!!!!
    And I love your childhood.
    I am also learning new things...
    I never knew!
    And pretty please?
    A few pictures of those cute seventh graders who had no idea what magic lay ahead?!

  2. Love love love excited to read more my friend!!
    You lived in Hawaii for a year? How did I not know this?

  3. So sweet! Can't wait to hear more :-)



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