Thursday, October 30, 2014

Beaming Back in 2004

Our first holiday with a baby on my hip... in my arms... filling my heart to the brim I felt like I could burst!

I took her to my Dad's school


And the school Scott used to be a teacher in (that's the same school Anna goes to today!!!)

2004 3

And I remember Scott wanting me to take this one telling me she'd be walking this hallway as a middle schooler one day... I thought that would never happen. But (sigh) it did...

2004 5

And Halloween night we 'trick or treated' at my parents.  Beaming I tell you... beaming!


2004 2

It's fun to look back and see the joy.

Never let the miracle become ordinary   ~me

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  1. So, I had a real long insightful comment all tried out here. Then I ran to get the phone...and returned to find a little one happily playing Club Penguin. : )

    Anyway, I love this. I see you beaming. And I am beaming with you.